Homemade cheese – Daring cooks March challenge

Chef in disguise

cheese collage

Sawsan from chef in disguise was our March 2013 Daring Cooks hostess!  Sawsan challenged us to make our own homemade cheeses!  She gave us a variety of choices to make, all of them easily accomplished and delicious!

Yes! you read that correctly! I was the hostess of this month’s daring cooks’ challenge! I was thrilled yet somewhat intimidated but I really enjoyed the experience!

I challenged my fellow daring cooks to make cheese. In the challenge I suggested 4 types of cheese (Labneh, ricotta, soft cheese and feta) to cover the range from beginner to more advanced cheese making. If you are new to all this cheesy stuff and would like to take on the challenge and make cheese at home  first check out my cheese making 101page.There you will find answers to questions like what is rennet?  what type of milk should I use to make cheese?what…

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